Professional Development/Executive Communication


Business executives, sales professionals, attorneys, physicians and others can gain confidence in professional and personal communication.  Learn proven strategies for clearer speech, vocal vitality and presence, improved pronunciation, accent or dialect instruction, active listening skills, non-verbal communication and presentation techniques. 

Dialect/Diction Coaching for Film & Theatre

Learn the fundamentals of speech production, breath control , projection, vocal anatomy and the physical components of the actions of speech and voice.  Explore the range of speech sounds available to you as an actor. Learn professional  strategies and vocal techniques that will set you apart . Develop your ability to express yourself and perceive the nuances of speech and voice.

Media Prsentation/On-Air Training

When you have to Look Good and Sound Good! Video,webinar or podcast,  you need to be understood. You need to look the part and have a voice your audience wants to hear over & over again. Learn specific techniques for performing on-air. Develop your ability to interpret a script for a performance or recording session. Learn to look and sound like an expert.