Corinne Barringer and Barringer Consultants LLC

Corinne Barringer M.A., CCC-SLP

From a colleague - "You have such great speaking ability, you should train other speakers."

Corinne Barringer is a noted speech and voice coach and communications consultant, with a client list that includes VIP corporate clients, public personalities, and individuals whose careers depend on effective, compelling, and convincing communication. 

She is a seminar speaker, radio-show guest, published author and columnist, voice-over actor and university guest lecturer. 

Having experience and training in the medical field as a speech-language pathologist, Corinne is more than a speech and dialect coach. She is certified and licensed by  the American Speech Language Hearing Association (ASHA).

Corinne brings over 20 years of experience in a wide range of speech and voice areas  from executive communication, business & sales presentations, theatre & film, accents and dialects, online and on-air media,  as well as medically-based speech and voice issues.

"Not many people would do what you are doing..." from former professor.

Working with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Oakland Community College (OCC) and Combined Regional Emergency Services Training (CREST), Corinne helped to initiate the First Responders Aircraft Accident Workshops. She also volunteers with local animal rescues.


Wayne State University

Bosch Corp.


Corporate Eagle, Inc.

Michigan Excellence in Public Service

CIA Financial

Doctors’ Hospital of Pontiac  

Merrill Lynch Inc.

Federal Aviation Administration

Atlas Copco Inc,


Bax Global Inc,

EconGlobal Services

Hantz Group

Bangkok 96 Restaurant

Lawrence Technological University

Amburn Law

Q’Vive, LLC

SSDigital Media

League of Our Own

Q-Das, Inc.

Coat–It, Inc.

Walbridge Aldinger, Inc.

Michigan Works!

Rose Hill Center

John Deere-Asia

Bear Design LTD

Labyrinth Strategies and Change Consultants, LLC

9 Points Media

Contract Counsel, Inc.

Semper Media Group

Oakland Community College

Michigan Actors Studio

Actors Workshop - Detroit

Go Comedy Club

Nine 9 The Un-Agency


"I want to thank you for the speech lessons. They are a part of my advancement."

- Leonard Fox, VP, IMA Corp.


(In arguing before the Supreme Court of the United Sates,) Berghuis V Smith, I found it helpful do my own job better because of your help. 

- James Sterling Lawrence, J.D. 


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“My work with Corinne Barringer of Barringer Consultants was aimed towards refining my speech, voice and dialect. Corinne’s one-on-one coaching style was tailor fit to my specific needs, many of which I was unaware. Simple drills that Corinne provided me after the first meeting set me on a steady path to success. Over the course of just a few short coaching sessions many of my dialect and speech distresses were improving. I would highly recommend anyone who communicates in person or on the phone to invite Corinne out for that first session, you will be amazed at the potential she will help you achieve.”

Matthew J. Brennan

Vice President, Member Services Group

Corporate Eagle Management Services, Inc.





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“Committed to client overall success. Consistently delivers quality work that surpasses client expectations. Improves communication strategy utilizing multiple channels; speech, written content and actual delivery to assure message is clean, crisp - audience and reader friendly. “

                         - R.L.Caldwell, Labyrinth: Strategy and Change Consultants