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Barringer Online Coaching Programs provides practical, proven strategies used by business leaders, speakers, and public personalities in a step-by-step 15-minute format that is easy to use, understand and implement. Enrolled members receive one-on-one online instruction plus additional resource materials that support and illustrate each lesson.

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Whether you are building your career, planning a career change, interviewing for your first job, attending networking or social events, learning and developing certain basic communication skills is critical.  

This program concentrates on strategies specifically designed to help you become a dynamic and memorable professional in your chosen field. 

The essential strategies presented in this program will help you develop the critical communication "soft skills" and leadership basics necessary to advance your professional career and even your social life. 

This Program introduces skills on


  • Speak Clearly and Articulately
  • Project a Confident Image
  • Develop Vocal Vitality
  • Calm Your Nerves 
  • Prepare for an Interview
  • Avoid Common Mistakes
  • Dress for Success
  • Make "Small Talk" 
  • Demonstrate Executive Presence
  • Learn Proper Body Language and Facial Expressions  

 Number of Sessions: 12

Cost: 150.


When you find yourself in front of a camera whether on live broadcast, website video or someone's impromptu iPhone, you want to be prepared, to look and sound your best.  This course focuses on various broadcast media situations and the strategies and techniques that will help you look and sound confident, dynamic and personable whether promoting yourself,When you appear on camera whether live broadcast, website 

 your product, or your company. 

 This Program introduces skills on


  • Use Proper Body Language and Facial Expressions Effectively
  • Dress for the Camera
  • Speak in Sound Bites
  • Avoid Common Mistakes
  • Develop a Dynamic Speaking Voice
  • Develop "Eye Line" - Where to Look
  • Learn to Listen Actively
  • Project a Confident, Knowledgeable Image

Number of Sessions: 12

Cost: 150.


If you are considering a career in Acting, Voice Over, Radio, Modeling/Spokesperson, Video Gaming, or becoming your own YouTube personality, you need to develop the fundamentals of clear speech and vocal techniques to be successful in this highly competitive field.  

We can show you the little-known professional strategies and techniques so you can sound your professional best!

This Course introduces skills on 


  • Speak Clearly
  • Create Vocal Vitality
  • Properly Warm Up your Voice
  • Prepare for an Audition
  • Avoid Common Mistakes
  • Develop Knowledge of the Actor's Instrument
  • Use Breath Support/Projection Techniques

Number of Sessions: 12

Cost: 150.


 Seminar/Workshop: 2 hours

Cost: $500


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We are confident that you will make  progress with our individualized coaching programs.

When you take action, start your coaching program, follow the lessons and implement the strategies we show you, you will make progress. 


Yes, your progress does depend on you. Like anything worthwhile, progress takes time, commitment and follow through.

With our coaching, you get: 

  • proven strategies 
  • innovative techniques 
  • educational materials 
  • detailed instruction
  • personal support

If you follow the lesson plans and implement the suggested daily practice, you will see the change! You will reap the rewards. 

Guaranteed NO Risk!

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